Nikon 1 still alive

Between lack of Nikon 1 product announcements, and a quote buried in a DPReview of a different camera, saying the author thought Nikon 1 development had ended, there have been rumors that Nikon’s mirrorless 1″ sensor based cameras, the Nikon 1 J-series and the V-series might be discontinued.

At Photokina, Nikon officials say the J-series (Nikon 1 J5) is selling well and they are not discontinuing the Nikon 1 series:  Nikon at Photokina 2016: J5 doing great, remote-controlled robot cameras, DL models missing | Nikon Rumors

My read on their statements is that Nikon intends to continue at least with the J-series line but that the V-series (with electronic viewfinder eyepiece) is probably over with. Nikon says that the 1″ sensor and the Nikon 1″ sensor lens mount, the CX line, will continue into the future.

Nikon has also announced a new DL line of 1″ sensor cameras, in February 2016. However, the shipment date of the DL line cameras has been indefinitely postponed, possibly due to disruptions caused by a major earthquake in Japan, in the spring of 2016.

Presumably, future Nikon 1 products might use similar components to the DL line and the delays in the DL line might be why we have not heard about new Nikon 1 products either.

There may be word on the DL shipments in a few weeks, however. And Nikon has now indicated that the Nikon 1 line will continue in some, unspecified fashion.

I shoot with both Nikon 1 and micro four thirds formats. I really like the small size and light weight of the 1″ sensor format bodies and lenses. With the J5, except for high ISOs, the 1″ line is delivering image quality essentially equal to my micro four thirds cameras.

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