iPhone app and 3D glasses for converting 2D video into 3D effect

Creator says they have a new secret sauce for 2D to 3D conversion, and when used on your iPhone with their glasses, will add a 3D effect to your existing 2D videos.

But of course, the obligatory 3D quote:

Remember 3D TV? It flopped. Turns out nobody wants to wear silly glasses while watching prime-time sitcoms. Who woulda thunk?

Source: These $50 Glasses Bring Anything On Your Phone To Life In 3D | Co.Design | business + design

Of course, the same author thinks VR helmets are cool but then also said that “people in VR look dorky“.

I do not understand this bias – ordinary glasses used in 3D are  called “silly” or “goggles”- yet Virtual Reality helmets are not a problem at all. If 3D died because of “silly” “goggles”, then VR is dead on arrival due to having to wear helmet headsets!

In the real world, 3D died not because of glasses but because there was almost no 3D content for consumers to watch on their new 3D TVs. But for some reason, the media perpetuate the myth about “3D goggles” halting 3D sales. (Meanwhile, cinema 3D, which also requires glasses, continues to thrive…. hmmmm.)

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