Samsung said to not include 3D on 2016 TV models

Samsung continues to sell prior years models that include 3D but their newest TVs,
introduced for 2016, are said to not include 3D:

According to data from the NPD Group, 3D TVs have accounted for a diminishing share of US flat-panel TV sales every year since 2012, and the same goes for 3D-compatible Blu-ray players compared with 2D-only models. 3D TVs fell from 23 percent to 16 percent in that period, and 3D players from 40 percent to 25 percent.

“In terms of purchase motivators, I think 3D is pretty low on the list at this point,” said NPD analyst Ben Arnold. “There was a lot of interest in the feature from consumers early on, but most reports were the experience was not worth the hassle of wearing 3D glasses or finding content.”

Source: With a bullet to the head from Samsung, 3D TV is now deader than ever – CNET

The lack of 3D content is THE problem. With Youtube killing off their multi-format 3D player, there went the crowd created content too. VR headset “helmets” will provide 3D viewing capabilities but doubt that one will wear one of those helmets to watch a 3D movie.

With so much dreariness on 3D TV, I am now shooting 2D: 2D stills and 4K video in 2D, but still shooting 3D still photography. remains the best place for sharing your 3D still photos with others.

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