Yellowstone Epic in 3D, Youtube version, Part 1

I finally managed to get Sony Vegas Pro to output a proper side-by-side format 3D video for Youtube. When producing .mp4 files, Vegas is scrambling the images. But I found I could output to WMV file format instead and it did that properly.

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  1. Edward, As a Sony HDR-TD30 user for a year and a half (and LOVING it) I’m very frustrated in that I have no way of sharing these videos with family and friends. I’m a Mac user so at the moment I can’t use Vegas Pro or anything. Any suggestions? Thanks so much. Larry

    1. Hi Larry, I have a Sony TD10 and yes, its gotten difficult across the board. I use both Windows and Mac – and I may have some help for you on the 3D front on the MAc. But I need to run right now to a Robotics meeting. I’ll try to get back to you with more info.


    2. Larry – Are you using Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut Pro X?

      If so, this plug in addition to FCP might help you edit 3D on your Mac:

      There is an “LE” version available for $99. I have not tried this myself – yet – but have been meaning to try it some time.

      For 3D editing, I have found that Sony Vegas (the lower priced consumer version) or Sony Vegas Pro (the high priced professional version) on Windows have been the best 3D editing experience for me. I have tried others but others were really buggy to the point of messing up entire editing projects. For 3D, specifically, there is almost no difference between the consumer version and the “PRO” version; I would just get the consumer version if I were setting up a Windows PC for 3D video editing.

      However, Dashwood’s plug in should provide most of the capabilities in Final Cut Pro, if using that for editing.


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