Some 2D and 3D Photos from Portland Mini-Maker Faire

Fused Machines showed off their 3D printer with CNC milling head project that is under development. This device is a 3D printer that can do additive manufacturing but also contains a milling head that does subtractive manufacturing. The combination can also be used to create very smooth finished 3D printed components which are basically “sanded” smooth by the milling head after printing.

Of course, I photographed this in 3D, shown here in red/cyan anaglyph format and also in cross-eyed (no glasses required) format. Click on any photos for a much larger version.


Cross eyed viewing format.


Portland State University students are aiming for space. This multi-year project is developing a highly advanced, controlled flight to 100 km space. The rocket also makes for a great 3D photo!

Cross eyed viewing format


Side by Side view for those with 3D monitors



This solar car was built by high school students from Bend and Redmond, Oregon, and has competed in a national competition.




Cross eyed viewing format.
P1000685-X (Large)

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