FAA: flying model aircraft inches above backyard patio may be illegal

If you live within 5 miles of airport, flying a model aircraft – or a kite or helium balloon on a string– just inches off your patio deck – is a violation of Federal regulations says an FAA representative – and can incur a $10,000 fine: The Federal Government Thinks Your Backyard Is National Airspace And Toys Are Subject To FAA Regulations.

Forget hobbyist photography let alone commercial uses. Since I have a Private Pilot’s certificate, I wonder if I can get my Hubsan X4 classified as an “Experimental” aircraft? 🙂

The FAA asserts that flying kites and holding helium balloons on a short string are subject to regulation by the FAA! Last week, a dozen crows were on my roof or in the front yard – each is physically larger and weighs more than my Hubsan X4! One is regulated a danger to aviation and the other is not!

The FAA’s newest rules prohibit manufacturers of model aircraft from flying their own model airplanes contrary to the 2012 law passed by Congress which prohibits the FAA from regulating model aircraft. Unless you have an airworthiness certificate for your toy model aircraft, it is grounded. And do make sure you get the annual inspection completed and the paperwork filed.

There is much more but you get the idea: The FAA “experts” have gone full scale insane.

Text from the NTSB ruling: “In summary, the plain language of the statutory and regulatory definitions is clear: an “aircraft” is any device used for flight in the air.”

So yes, kids’ kites, balloons, paper airplanes and radio controlled toys are now regulated by the FAA. From the “plain language” of the NTSB ruling, throwing baseballs and footballs is also subject to FAA regulation. Per FAA Notice 07-01, the use of such devices within 5 miles of an airport is now prohibited.

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