What people search for on Flickr? Naked


I took at look at the search results on Flickr in terms of what leads to views of my photos. Last June I attended Seattle’s Fremont Solstice Festival which starts with a naked bike ride. The event does feature a large number of naked people in wildly painted bodies.

#2 and #8 in the list likely came from people who landed on a photo from the event and then chose to view the entire Solstice Parade album (some photos are NSFW and you must be logged into Flickr to see them.)

What people search for on Flickr


While not shown above, the next most frequent category of searches that land on my Flickr page are for comic con and cosplay (practically the same thing now days). I attended two small’ish comic con conventions in 2014 and posted photos.

I guess to maximize photo views I should just photograph naked bike rides, naked runs and comic cons.

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