Youtube seeks higher quality content to charge premium ad rates

I will have more to say about Youtube and the business case another time:

The talks underscore Google Inc’s desire to complete YouTube’s transition from a repository for grainy home videos to a site sporting the more polished content crucial to securing higher-priced advertising.

via Exclusive: YouTube weighs funding efforts to boost premium content – sources | Reuters.

Not surprisingly, its all about the ad revenue now. Those that deliver ad

YouTube Censored
YouTube Censored (Photo credit: dannysullivan)

opportunities for Youtube will achieve prominence and the rest  (most everyone else!) may find themselves disappearing in search results and recommended lists.

Youtube previously announced it had modified search results and recommendations based on its “big data” analysis, to drive more minutes of viewing. Consequently, these changes are not secret.

This may have repercussions for those us interested in 3D. 3D has not – yet – delivered significant online audiences for Youtube (except for one person). Youtube has been an early proponent of 3D by offering a reasonable 3D delivery platform but how long will that last?

(I produce short 3D videos as a hobby, not as a profession. But like any hobby producer, I am gratified that people wish to watch what I create. But if they can’t find the videos, then they will not be watching either.)

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