Close up of flower taken with Olympus E-PM2

Click through for larger version on Flickr. I was testing an E-PM2 and used a Hoya close up filter (handheld as it was the wrong filter diameter) to test the camera’s close up ability using the kit 14-42mm lens. The E-PM2 is economical and is shooting better photos than my GH-2. Now, I won’t give up my GH-2 but I am impressed!

These were taken using P mode and all camera default settings, output to JPEG, not RAW. Beautiful color rendition. The camera turns on and focuses very fast. I have not yet tested the video capabilities of the E-PM2.

The E-PM2 does not include an eye viewfinder but the VF2 is available separately from Olympus to add a viewfinder. I have one for a different Olympus camera and it works fine for my uses.

I was at an event this past weekend where there were several people lugging their very large well known brand name cameras with equally very large telephoto lenses. I am so glad I shoot micro four thirds and travel light!

Olympus E-PM2 Test


Olympus E-PM2 testOlympus E-PM2 Test

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