Youtube believes it knows what you want to watch – better than you do

the direction YouTube is taking is focusing more and more on the company’s “What to watch” and “Recommended video” algorithms alongside a complete and entirely deliberate disregard for subscriptions as a function. The message was clear: YouTube thinks it knows what people want to watch better than the people themselves,

via I’m worried about YouTube – Hank’s Tumblr.

Youtube’s goal is not for people to watch your videos! Youtube’s goal is for people to watch any videos. The more minutes spent online, the less spent on TV or other past times and the more chances to sell you something with an ad.

Youtube may be intentionally obliterating video producers with small audiences (which is most of the Youtube channels). We don’t generate enough views for Youtube nor sufficient ad revenue so presumably, they wish to discourage niche video producers. Either build content that gets more views (even if you are intentionally aiming for a niche audience) – or give up and go somewhere else.

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