Where to post videos online?

  • ¬†Youtube – the big kid on the block
  • Flickr – known for still photos, Flickr supports up to 1 GB video uploads
  • Dailymotion – a European-based video site, 2nd biggest in the world after Youtube
  • Vimeo – high quality content

A week ago I posted Fremont Solstice Parade videos on Youtube. Viewership has been abysmal. As previously noted, ordinary Youtube folks (i.e. not Youtube stars) are finding fewer and fewer views of their videos. Youtube has tweaked their search algorithms in a way that popular people get more views, and the less popular, smaller channels, like those of us mere mortals, get fewer and fewer views.

I did a simple experiment: I posted 6 of the same videos I put on Youtube, up on Flickr. Within 4 hours, they’ve had more views than they received on Youtube in a week.

I posted one video on DailyMotion. Within 24 hours its had half as many views as Youtube generated in a week.

That seems to confirm its not the content that is the problem – its Youtube that is the problem. Youtube is prioritizing search results in ways that harm most Youtube video producers and favor a select group.

I’ll have another post on this topic in a moment.

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