How Old is ‘Too Old’ To Be A YouTube Star?

Almost none are over the age of 40 – sounds just like Hollywood, doesn’t it? 🙂

… the youngest performer (from the numbers, painstakingly, I could gather, mind you) is the South Korean guitarist Sungha Jung (“jwcfree,” subscriber rank: 113) who is 16-years-old. The oldest is one of the guys from The Piano Guys (subscriber rank: 125) who is 47. The mean age of a top YouTuber is 27

via How Old is ‘Too Old’ To Be A YouTube Star?.

Which is the same average age as it was in 2006 – in other words it’s not increasing. Young YouTubers are starting to think about this – and realizing their own careers may be nearing an end as they pass through 30 years old.

“the biggest demographic of YouTube viewers are 18-34 [year old] females”

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