Alaska Airlines flight in 3D

Horizon Air flies Bombardier’sde Havilland Dash 8 Series Q400 70 passenger turbo props for Alaska’s shorter routes. This photo was taken at the Oregon International Air Show in the summer of 2013, as a conventional 2D photograph. I converted it to 3D by creating a depth map using StPaint Plus.

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Alaska Air, in 3D, red/cyan anaglyp

Alasak Air, in 3D, in crosseyed formatAlaska/Horizon have painted one aircraft with the logo and colors of each college/university for the towns they fly too. They fly to Eugene, OR, home of the University of Oregon – and this is the aircraft painted in the UofO scheme. They’ve done this for many college towns, including, for example, Washington State University in Pullman, WA.

This fly over at the Oregon International Airshow at the Hillsboro, OR airport, was extremely well received, to put it mildly. A very enthusiastic crowd response. The aircraft was piloted by a captain who lives in Hillsboro, OR and who did his first flight training at Hillsboro Airport.

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