Comparing camera image sensor size

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Not exactly to scale but close I suppose:


Of interest, the popular 1/2.3″ sensor size used in most point and shoot compacts, is slightly larger than the original Super 8mm film frame.

The Nikon CX 1″ format is slightly larger than standard 16mm film frame size.

There are 4 mid-range formats (4/3ds, and flavors of APS-C), and then full frame. Where did the abbreviation APS come from? It’s based on the Advanced Photo System film negative used for film cameras in the 1990s. Today’s APS sensor digital cameras are roughly the same size as the APS frames.

The Nokia 808 PureView (the 41 megapixel smart phone) camera sensor is almost the same size as the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera.

My Nexus 4 smart phone camera takes pretty awful photos – and the video is downright sucky – certainly compared to Nokia and Apple iPhones. Not surprisingly, its got a smaller sensor – and the iPhones use back side illuminated CMOS sensors, making them more sensitive to light.



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