Once again: Magix Movie Edit Pro 2013 NOT RECOMMENDED for 3D video editing

With numerous bugs previously reported here, including the loss of synchronization between clips – this evening I tried editing Sony TD10 video and it seemed to be going well.

Until the entire right window vanished – the one used for importing clips and selecting titles and effects.

Brought that back. But then when I reloaded the project, it tells me the project file is bad and cannot be read. Sigh.

Magix has come out with Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014 but I do not intend to go near it until I hear reports from others. Magix MEP 2013 is worthless for editing 3D video. I am not the only one who has discovered this – it is unfortunately filled with numerous defects still. Am remembering that the initial release was not even Beta quality software. One wonders what they are thinking back there in the labs. They can and should better than this. MEP has a ton of potential and as best I can tell, it works fine for 2D video editing.

But for 3D editing, it remains worthless. It still fails to save settings in the Export MP4 files dialog box. Enter 16,000 kbps for the data rate and next time it says 6,000 kbps. Enter 18 for the GOP and next time it says 33. It really seems, considering the first release mess, that Magix never even subjected the 3D portion of the product to any semblance of Software Quality Assurance.

I’m now headed back to Sony Vegas to start this project over again. Vegas has been quite reliable.

Updated: Tried reloading the project once again. This time it loaded, albeit, having a trouble with a single video file (that worked fine before). I like a lot of things about Magix, but its 3D video capabilities would be much more likable if they worked and if settings in the 3D output dialog boxes would be consistently retained between exports.

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