Kodak-brand cameras coming back

The logo from 1987 to 2006. "Evolution of...
The logo from 1987 to 2006. “Evolution of our brand logo”. Eastman Kodak . . Retrieved 2007-09-26 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kodak Pixpro S1 Micro Four Thirds Camera Coming Soon.

Kodak has licensed their brand name to JK Imaging, who will be introducing a new interchangeable lens micro four thirds, Kodak-branded camera, later in 2013. The camera will include Wi-Fi and simple connectivity to smart phones for social sharing.

Polaroid introduced an Android-based smart phone that will, by spring, accept micro four thirds lenses too. The Polaroid camera is different in that the image sensor is located in the camera lens, not the body, and will be located inside a micro four thirds adapter. The camera is manufactured by Sakar (based in New Jersey, and known also for the Vivitar brand name).

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