#3D is dead, #3D is alive and future is bright #CES #CES2013

CES: Nobody Cares About 3D – says 3D is dead.

I don’t expect much from IGN and they do not disappoint:

Each major manufacturer had at least one 3D demo at their booth, but gone are the elaborate 3D installations that would greet you as you entered.

Hello? LG had the world’s largest 3D video wall on display – you CANNOT MISS IT as it encompassed the main entry to Central Hall.

3D was on display but 4k – and sometimes 8k – (all with 3D built in) is the main item promoted big and loud at CES. Yet, there is no 4k content available for all those consumers clamoring to buy a 4k TV.

Then we have this Fox News item – 3D is dead – (its a content free news story by the way).

But then we get to “The Future of 3D” which says 3D is here to stay with some actual reporting that backs that up.

I am anxious to write up an explanation of the 3D business, where we’ve been and where we may be headed. 3D is far from dead.



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