Online library of free 3D stereoscopic uncompressed HD video

Check this out:

the RMIT3DV project involved the creation of a library of uncompressed stereoscopic 3D HD video available to anyone via a free download under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

via Australia’s RMIT University Leads the Way in 3D Research with the Creation of an Uncompressed 3D HD Video Library.

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Wearable Wireless 3D Body Motion Tracking

Funny, I was just thinking of a crazy consumer product where something like this could be put to use (but not saying what that is!):

The world’s first wearable wireless 3D body motion tracking system based on consumer-grade MEMS combo sensors will be on display at Electronica 2012 in Munich, Germany.

via Wearable Wireless 3D Body Motion Tracking | News | Product Design & Development.

At the bottom – huge growth is predicted in the market for “wearable wireless devices in sports and healthcare”.

YOU On Demand Signs Distribution Deal With 3D Content Hub

Recognizing the growing appetite for 3D programming for home entertainment in China, YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. NASDAQ: YOD, Chinas leading national Pay-Per-View PPV and Video On Demand VOD platform, announced today it has signed a content deal with 3D Content Hub as part of its new service offering, YOU 3D On Demand.

via YOU On Demand Signs Distribution Deal With 3D Content Hub – PR Newswire – The Sacramento Bee.

3D printing market – time for market segmentation already?

Market segmentation already:

“There was an unmet need,” Cranor said. “Professional 3D printers at the high end run tens of thousands of dollars. The low-end equipment is more affordable but less than professional. There was a huge hole in between to satisfy with architects, jewellers, and other professionals in that middle ground who can make use of 3D printing.”

via 3D printing: this is what happens next · The Score.

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Digital 3D Holography coming

A new 120 fps 3D Full HD Projector Chip.

Did a little looking around regarding digital holography – this is a technology that is definitely coming in the future. And would potentially be far more desirable than stereoscopic 3D. Very interesting ….

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