Panasonic’s newest cameras to interface with iPhone and Android phones


Panasonic currently doesn’t have plans to allow developers to create apps for its cameras but it does not rule anything for the future and will continue to evaluate the development of the connected camera market.

via photokina 2012: Interview with Panasonic • MegaPixel.

Arghhhhh. As a software engineer, I would really like to see software development kits for these embedded systems. Why not?

At the 2012 CES, a Nikon Field Engineer told me Nikon would not provide an SDK as it would enable 3rd party apps to potentially tarnish the Nikon camera’s quality. I said, “You mean like how iPhone apps have tarnished the iPhone?” Heh.

I couldn’t resist. He understood what I meant but said Nikon’s executive management was then opposed to opening up their cameras.

Which is funny because in August, Nikon announced an Android powered camera! And its a nice camera too!

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