Using DropBox for video file uploads to Vimeo

Vimeo’s video file up-loader is well known for being very slow. Tortuously slow.

Fortunately, Vimeo now supports importing video files from DropBox. Go to and set up a free account. Then copy your video file to your local Dropbox and wait for it to synchronize to the Dropbox cloud. Once done, go over to Vimeo, choose Upload and select the Dropbox option. Vimeo reads the file over from Dropbox very quickly – this is so much easier than dealing with Vimeo’s uploader.

I have Dropbox on 3 computers. When I sync a huge video file to Dropbox it wants to then sync that file to my two other computers.

You need to setup a folder (say Video Uploads) and then use Dropbox Advanced preferences to disable sync for that folder on all the computers where you do not want that file to be sync’d.

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