Consumer 3D TV market remains small

This refers to broadcast cable/satellite/over-the-air 3D TV viewing:

Only 2 percent of TVs in the U.S. are able to show 3D programming, according to the most recent data from research firm IHS Screen Digest. Thats about 6.9 million sets out of 331 million. After this years Christmas buying rush, IHS expects the number of 3D-capable televisions installed in homes to jump to 19.3 million, mostly because 3D viewing technology is being built into most new large-screen TVs. But even with the jump, 3D TVs will amount to less than 6 percent of all sets.

via Whos Watching? 3D TV Is No Hit With U.S. Viewers | News | Product Design & Development.

Which is also why I think 3D is taking off “online” first. “. Broadcast needs huge markets while online delivery can work for small market segments, just like the hundreds of small market Youtube channels are working today to deliver content to consumers and profits to small producers.

The future of 3D “TV” could bypass the traditional multi-channel delivery model.

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