Various new cameras to feature WiFi, Android OS and links to smart phones

At CES last January, camera makers demo’d product concept cameras that linked via Wi-Fi to apps running on smart phones. Features included the ability to route real time video from the camera to the remote smart phone, as well as remote control of the camera from the phone. Others provided ways to upload photos from the camera to online social media web sites.

A couple of camera makers will apparently soon announce cameras that have Android running inside – and enable the installation of apps from the Android app market. That also means that software developers may be able to write applications that add new features to the cameras! Yay!

Finally, there’s this item that the rumored Panasonic Lumix GH-3 will include Wi-Fi and smart phone remote capabilities, plus a new 70 Mbps video encoding mode for high quality compression.  FT5 Panasonic GH3 has WiFi and remote control applications! | 43 Rumors.

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