Spokane Bloomsday Run Race Video in 3D

Runners head down Fort George Wright Drive dur...
Runners head down Fort George Wright Drive during Spokane's 2008 Bloomsday race. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Photographed with two Lumix GH-2 cameras on a monopod. Edited in Magix Movie Edit Pro for 3D depth control. This would be the only 3D video of the Bloomsday running race in Spokane, WA. Once the largest timed road race, I understand it is now the 2nd largest timed road race. Over 47,000 participants finished.

Some of the better 3D imagery starts after about 1 min 30 seconds as the crowds build up. ¬†Unlike normal 2D photography, 3D works best when there is a lot of “visual clutter” to enhance the feeling of depth. There’s a long scene as thousands of runners go by followed by a lot more shorter scenes both near the start and near the finish of the race. Hope you enjoy this!

  • Bloomsday (erinalexandersays.wordpress.com)
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