Controversy: “DSLRs are a dying breed”

Well this will stir things up: DSLRs are a dying breed – 3rd Gen Cameras are the Future.

Based partly on comments to the above, might future cameras:

  • Shoot dozens of RAW images per second (the RED EPIC does that now, roughly, for the motion picture industry)
  • Shoot with infinite focus points (like the Lytro)
  • Be small – may be not all bundled into a cellphone – there is still physics to deal with and bigger lenses can be sharper and let in more light
  • Be 3D capable
  • And for video, feature enhanced audio recording features

I get what the article and comments are discussing and why but me thinks it is too much arguing about the technology and not enough about the gray matter on the backside of the lens that figures out what to photograph, when to photograph and how to frame it and use the equipment – and make a beautiful photograph or video image.


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