First 3D video attempt now online

I posted my first attempt at a short 3D video. I made numerous mistakes in both shooting and editing this but it was a huge learning experience. I will be gradually shooting a lot more 3D video over the months to come and will learn many new things with each one that I shoot and edit.

This video was shot using two Lumix GH-2 cameras on a home made interaxial rail. Required: Red/Cyan anaglyph glasses for the stereoscopic images. Recommended: Play in the 1080p mode.

This one was edited in Sony Vegas but I ran into numerous Vegas crashes and hangs. For example, any time I tried to add a title overlay, Vegas would crash on the MPEG4 export; delete the title and the export worked fine.

I started playing with Magix Movie Edit Pro (now known as Magix Movie Edit MX Pro) and it seemed to work much better, plus MEMX features true 3D titles. That is, titles that themselves are rendered in anaglyph and can move or rotate in 3D space. My next 3D video will be edited in MEMX instead.

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