A Good Videographer Keeps a Camcorder Dry

A Good Videographer Keeps a Camcorder Dry | Video News.

Heh. I nearly destroyed my Canon XH A1 due to rain. I had a commercially made rain cover on the camera, but it had a faulty design that enabled water to dribble in through roughly the top dead center of the bag. I was set up to film a parade in Western Washington, but nearly 1 1/2 inches of rain fell in about an hour before the parade and left the cover saturated – and leaking.

Water entered through the video playback controls at the top of the camera and dribbled internally down into the back of the camera. Several circuit boards had to be replaced. (I had a back up camera with me so the event was not lost – but this experience was an expensive one.)

If you do go out in the rain, use two layers of plastic bags, securely taped and tied off, as needed, to enclose the entire camera. Preferably avoid using your camera in the rain – if you need to shoot in the rain, use an inexpensive video camera. The costs of repair to the XH A1 were more than the costs of a good quality low end consumer camcorder.

I am doubtful that I would use a high end camera in the rain, again.

If you do need professional repair service for your Canon or Sony gear, I recommend VideoOneRepair.

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