Unique Micro Four Thirds (m43) Lenses

Nikkor 50mm f /1.8 lens for the Nikon F-mount.
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A neat opportunity with the micro 4/3ds cameras is the opportunity to readily use older lenses or, for DSLR-type cameras, non-standard lenses.

I recently bought a remarkable Vivitar f2.8 135mm prime lens for the Minolta mount for $20 on EBay. Wow. On the micro 4/3ds camera, there is a 2x multiplier so that this becomes an f2.8 270mm lens. For $20 🙂

With a Minolta to m43 adapter ring, this works like a champ. My first two photos with this wonderful lens are below – click on the photos for full size.

The first one illustrates the narrow depth of field, photographing my BBQ grill cover from the side. Photographed using the GH-2, Minolta to m43 adapter ring, and the Vivitar f2.8 135mm lens. Who says you can’t get narrow depth of field with a micro four thirds camera?

The second is the required flowers shot.

Again, click on the photos to see full size.

I also picked up a Tamron 4mm to 12mm C-mount surveillance camera zoom. For shooting video, this makes a fantastic wide angle lens, providing the equivalent of a 10.4mm lens in 1920×1080 video mode.  C-mount lenses were used on professional 16mm cameras and many professional video cameras of the past. They are also used on surveillance cameras today. If you get one, make sure it has “1/2 inch” coverage. There are tons of C-mount lens for sale on EBay.

When I have more time, I will have to shoot some demo videos and more photos to illustrate. If only we could get a nice, slow, motorized zoom on one of these cameras, I wouldn’t need my video cameras!

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