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Mobile 3D market forecast to grow through 2021 #3D #VR3D #VR 0

Mobile 3D market forecast to grow through 2021 #3D #VR3D #VR

Mobile gaming is seen as a big driver of 3D features for mobile phones, together with technology such as glasses free autostereoscopic displays (and not mention here, but also VR). 3D mobile phone transports depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or any other form of 3D depth techniques. Several 3D phones have an auto-stereoscopic parallax barrier display and...

Kodak introduces Ektra: a 21 MP camera with Android smart phone

This is a smart phone designed specifically for photography enthusiasts, with a 21 megapixel f/2.0 rear camera and a 13 megapixel front camera, plus 4K video. Kodak calls it a “photography first” smart phone. It even includes an actual shutter button. ?A Kodak smartphone aimed at photographers has gone on sale at a pop-up store in London. Source: Kodak Ektra...

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