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Portland MAX trains in VR 360

I picked up a Samsung Gear 360 (2016 model), which shoots 30 megapixel 360 still images and 4K video (3840 pixels wide) for US $109. Amazon has them really cheap right now – I assume Samsung is getting rid of the 2016 model as they introduced the 2017 version, also called Gear 360 (but a completely different camera with only...

#3D TV is dead in Australia, but smartphone-based #VR3D #VR viewers may replace TVs

As I’ve said before, smart phones provide an inexpensive entry point for virtual reality viewing: A key benefit is that it does not require you to buy a new TV. Instead, you can use a smartphone, which 84% of Australians already have. Source: 3D television is dead… so what next? Consumer 3D TV died for multiple reasons Little to no...

VR 3D replacing 3D TV #VR #VR3D #VR360 #3D #3DTV

Source: Yes, you can afford to get into 3D VR video, and here are 3 options VR “cardboard-style” viewers provide a low cost way to watch VR 360 and VR 3D – whereas the consumer 3D TV market is disappearing, it appears to be replaced with online viewing of VR 3D content and games.