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IMAX to show less movies in 3D

Reality is IMAX is not as popular as it once was either. They went from big screens to pseudo big screens squished into regular movie theaters – and then turned the volume up to +11. I have not watched an IMAX movie in an “IMAX theater” since The Hobbit came out – and the IMAX experience wasn’t much there, on...

“Avatar 2” might be presented in glasses-free 3D theaters

I’ve been reading about glasses free 3D projection systems for some time – they are certainly coming and this would be quite exciting for Avatar 2 to launch glasses free 3D theaters – but it is not yet for certain that this will happen. Avatar 2 Could be Projected in Glasses Free 3D

#3D TV is dead in Australia, but smartphone-based #VR3D #VR viewers may replace TVs

As I’ve said before, smart phones provide an inexpensive entry point for virtual reality viewing: A key benefit is that it does not require you to buy a new TV. Instead, you can use a smartphone, which 84% of Australians already have. Source: 3D television is dead… so what next? Consumer 3D TV died for multiple reasons Little to no...