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CNET thinks #VR is already dead, apparently #VR3D #VR360 #CES2017

The media bad mouthed 3D – falsely referring to eyeglasses as “goggles” – contributing to the stunted market for consumer 3D TV. This CNET story reads like those old stories – just change “3D” to”VR”: Virtual reality promises to be a mega-trend that upends how we use computers and just plain get along. So why’s it such a snooze at...


Marvel Digital shows no-glasses 3D Display tech at CES 2017

Source: Glasses-free 3D display – marveldigital Marval Digital demonstrated glasses-free 3D displays for up to 65″ 4K 3D displays, and also for 3D phones and 3D tablets. The 4K 3D TV displays feature up to 140 degree viewing angles. Marvel Digital also sells (price unknown) VisuMotion, a software tool for professional conversion of 2D video to 3D. StreamTV Networks also...

Mobile 3D market forecast to grow through 2021 #3D #VR3D #VR 0

Mobile 3D market forecast to grow through 2021 #3D #VR3D #VR

Mobile gaming is seen as a big driver of 3D features for mobile phones, together with technology such as glasses free autostereoscopic displays (and not mention here, but also VR). 3D mobile phone transports depth perception to the viewer by employing stereoscopy or any other form of 3D depth techniques. Several 3D phones have an auto-stereoscopic parallax barrier display and...


2016 worst year for camera sales in 15 years

While the Camera and Imaging Product Association statistics have 2016 looking like the worst year for camera sales in over 15 years, one research group is anticipating growth in the industry. The biggest factor? Social media. Source: Social Media Could Help Drive Camera Sales, Study Suggests | Digital Trends

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